Around The Realm

Find out what is happening around our fraternity and links to fellow Grotto Associations.

Grotto Secretaries and Treasurers Association, MOVPER

President: Paul F. Ritchie, PM – Email
Vice President: William B. Dishman – Email
2nd Vice President: Joshua W. Shumate – Email
Secretary/Treasurer: Martin R. Trent, PM, 33° – Email
Host Grotto: TBA
Annual Meeting: July 7, 2022
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Empire State Grotto Association – E.S.G.A.

President: Andrew Haag, PM – Email
Vice President: Robert George Siebold, PM – Email
Secretary: George Abraham, III, PM – Email
Host Grotto: Keder Khan
Annual Meeting: October 7-10, 2021
Where: Syracuse, NY

Florida State Grotto Association – F.S.G.A.

President: Christopher Frazier, PM – Email
Deputy Vice President: Paul F. Ritchie, PM – Email
1st Vice President: Jeffrey R. Snyder, PM – Email
2nd Vice President: Dale A. Spear, PM – Email
Secretary: John W. Borsa, Jr., PM – Email
Host Grotto: Ormazd Grotto
Annual Meeting: September 9-10, 2021
Where: Orlando, FL

Illinois State Grotto Association – ISGA

President: Ivan Lugo, PM – Email
Deputy Vice President: Mark Victoria, PM – Email
Secretary: Martin Kwilosz, PM – Email
Host Grotto: Chi-ill Grotto
Annual Meeting: TBA
Where: TBA

Michigan-Western-Ontario Grotto Association – MWOGA


Midwest Grotto Association – M.W.G.A.

President: Shannon H. Walden, PM – Email
1st Vice President: Timothy M. Heinrichs, PM – Email
2nd Vice President: Kevin Wooden, PM – Email
Secretary: Bobby Wheeler, Jr., PM – Email
Host Grotto: Abbas Grotto
Annual Meeting: September 29-October 2, 2021
Where: East Peoria, IL

New England Grotto Association – N.E.G.A.

President: Alan M. Friedman, Jr. , PM – Email
1st Vice President: William Swenson, III, PM – Email
2nd Vice President: Stephen Goldberg, PM – Email
Secretary: Robert D. Lyle, PM – Email
Host Grotto: Hejaz Grotto
Annual Meeting: October 29-31, 2021
Where: TBA

Northwest Grotto Association – N.W.G.A.

President: Ronald Zobrak, PM – Email
1st Vice President: Thomas Upchurch, PM – Email
2nd Vice President: Ronald L. Kunze, PM – Email
Secretary: Roger Cathel, PM – Email
Host Grotto: Hassan Grotto
Annual Meeting: July 15-17,2021
Where: Great Falls, MT

Ohio Grotto Association – O.G.A.

President: George T. Gittins, PM – Email
1st Vice President: David A. McIntyre, PM –  Email
2nd Vice President: Gary S. Farrant, PM – Email
Secretary: James E. White, PM – Email
Host Grotto: Islam Grotto
Annual Meeting: August 5-8, 2021
Where: Pittsburgh, PA

Old Dominion Grotto Association:-O.D.G.A.

President: Marion J. Humphreys, III, PM – Email
1st Vice President: Jason C. Williams – Email
2nd Vice President: David W. Bucciarelli, II – Email
Secretary: Clinton W. Hues – Email
Host Grotto: Samis Grotto
Annual Meeting: September 17-18, 2021
Where: TBA

Pennsylvania Grotto Association – P.G.A.

President: Peter James Ruggieri, PM – Email
1st Vice President: Richard (Dick) A. Phillips – Email
2nd Vice President: Ronald J. Davidson, PM – Email
Secretary: Jay M. Laser – Email
Host Grotto: Beersheba/Ubar Grotto
Annual Meeting: October 15-16, 2021
Where: Honey Brook, PA

Southeastern Grotto Association S.E.G.A.

President: David Kirk Hartin, PM Email
1st Vice President: Earnest J. Sparks, PM Email
2nd Vice President: Stanley E. Casner, Jr., PM Email
Secretary: John D. Reamer, PM Email
Host Grotto: Dinar Grotto
Annual Meeting: May 13-16, 2021
Where: TBA

Western Grotto Association – W.G.A.

President: Robert Kline, PM – Email
1st VP: Michael Schneider, PM – Email
Secretary: Charles Bidinger, PM – Email
Host Grotto: TBA
Annual Meeting: TBA

Daughters of Mokanna

Supreme Mighty Chosen One: Joan Nielsen – Email
Supreme Lalla: Debbie Giffel – Email
Supreme Yusuf: Liz Rivera – Email
Secretary: Barbara Bibb – Email
Host Grotto: Mohassen Grotto
Annual Meeting: September 12-18, 2021
Where: Davenport, IA