Membership as of February 10, 2016 is 402.


                        39 - 50 Year Members  – 50 Year Members do not  pay dues

                        4 - Dual Members – pay dues

                        6 -  Life Members - No dues paid and this option is no longer offered.

                        7 -  Members dues were remitted because of age and health reasons.


67 members so far have purchased Enchanted Lanterns which reduced their dues by $1.00 a year. If you are interested in purchasing an Enchanted Lantern please contact the Secretary or Robert Lorenz III our Monarch and Enchanted Lantern Chairman. 


WOW, summer is here and it is hard to believe that half my term is over. We here at the GROTTO have had a good year so far. Some events were well attended, while others that we wanted to try never even gotten off the ground. But we tried. Life goes on and so must Grotto.


I would like to thank all of those who were at the Special Olympics at Baldwin High School this year. We had a great show of members.


At the being of May myself and Bob Lorenz,Jr.,PM, went to SEGA meeting. Had a great time there with old and new friends.


On, May 28th a few of us met at the Grotto to do the picnic tables for the 4th of July. Thanks to Conrad, Mike and myself all the tables were sanded. Lady Noreen, Lady Tammy and Lady Theresa did a great job of painting the tables. Thanks to all of you. The same day Prophet Tom and GCOG Mike cleaned the cooler in the kitchen and put on new trim and polish. Looks great guys Thank you.


The 4th of July picnic is a big family event for us. We need ALL OFFICERS at this event to help. Also remember to get parking request in ASAP they go fast.


July is also Supreme Council Convention in NOLA. Get reservations in fast.


In, August I would like to do a Family Grotto Picnic. Please give me or Lady Theresa feedback on this so that we know to go head and plan this or not.


Hope you have a great summer. Be careful in your travels and stay safe. See you around the realm.


Yours in GROTTO fellowship,


Bobby Lorenz,III



Best wishes Grand Monarch Dave & Lady Jenny


Good Luck DGM Mark & Lady Joan


Robert (BOB) Lorenz Jr Candidate For




Supported by Islam Grotto & Pennsylvania Grotto Association


Well Summer is around the corner meaning no stated meetings. Tammy and I are heading to New Orleans for the Supreme Council Convention in July. We will be leaving on Friday, July 15, 2016 and returning on Monday, July 25, 2016.


Missing Prophets: If you know of a new address for the following Prophets please let me know:

Edward Switalski Jr., Robert Balent, Charles M. Jones. and Donald Craft PM.

Safe travels to those going to Supreme Council Convention and will see you at the Grotto.


Michael J. Tomascin PM – Secretary


We are looking for a few prophets that are interested in becoming a clown.  If you like getting your face painted and going to parades and Special Olympics. We need new clowns because some of the older ones are retiring due to health problems.  We need them so we can keep the Funster’s alive. We do have some very good young clowns, the older ones can stay around to help out and to teach the newer clowns how to make balloon animals.  If interested, please contact any of the Funsters for any information. We do not want the Funsters to go by the wayside.

Yours Truly

WADDLES (AKA Lenny Kolodziek PM)